Persuasiveness of the Bold Faced Liar

The Bold (god) Faced Liar

The person who says that something “IS.” though it “is not.” is dangerously close to “Playing God.” 

God is the one who spoke things that “were not,” and they came into “existence.” 

“Let there be light” and there was light. 

Now we have people speaking things that “are not,” because they hope to gain some advantage and even make what they said come into “being.” 

“All Democrats are criminals” for instance, or “All Republicans are White Supremacists.” 

Though those are lies, they are worse than lies. 

They are people trying to be God by speaking words meant to make something out of nothing, they are blasphemers.

The bold-face looks very much like the face of a truth-teller who believes he can make a new reality by saying it. 

The truthful person who hears him, knowing that he or she could not lie with a bold-face (God face), is tempted to believe that the bold-face is telling the truth although he isn’t.

The bold-faced liar does it because of some advantage he wants to obtain. The truthful people who believe him have advantages they desire that sometimes coincide with those of the liar and therefore make them want to believe him.  

When the liar is proven to have lied, the truthful people who believed him and shared some of his desired advantages find it easier to believe that the fact-finders have conspired against him than that he has conspired against the truth.

Published by walterdaleedwards

United Methodist Minister (Retired since 2002), My wife, Iris Carroll Edwards married in 1962. Son William Lee "Bill" Edwards, Daughter Iris Dail Edwards.

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